Getting Started: Electronic Document Management

Document and Content Management are vague terms that mean different things to different people.  Here are some basics:

What is Document Management?

Document Management refers to the capture and archiving of documents, both electronic and paper to electronic and the later retrieval of those documents by users.  The very basic document management solution will have a document load and document search.  More complex systems can have several workflows to move the documents through a pre-set process to accomplish tasks such as document approval and creation.

What is Content Management?

Content Management refers to the management and retrieval of documents and/or information. This information can be contained in one database or several databases and systems.  All the information from these various applications can be found from one front-end solution we create, as long as the applications have open architecture.  Content management can simplify a search from looking into several applications to finding all the information from one search screen.

What do I need to get started?

You need a basic understanding of your business processes now and how you want to improve them.  You should first meet with your group internally and come up with a list of needs and a list of wants.   Make sure you understand every part of your business processes you want to make electronic.  Then give us a call, and we will meet and discuss all your needs and establish an effective solution that meets your needs.